Quizzes that Convert™ 2-Pay

Quizzes that go beyond audience growth and into sales growth

Your journey into the wild world of quizzes is about to begin. 

A world where many just talk about lead generation, but we go a step further into sales growth so you can have a lead magnet that does more than just bring in curious clickers. 

A quiz that gives people an experience of what it’s like to work with you from their first impression. 

A way to co-create your community and guide them into your philosophies while crafting their wins by way of your expertise. 

Founded on my sales-focused model of quiz creation once reserved for my 1:1 clients at 4x the price.

You can now grow your list and business simultaneously with intention.

Quizzes are still one of the most popular, highly interactive lead magnets out there. But unless you use a foundational basis and have a place to guide them, they are nothing more than a marketing stunt that will fall flat of your business goals. 


The key to a sticky quiz is YOU 


Not the current product you’re offering or the latest topic you want to discuss. But your method of teaching and guiding your clients. Sometimes you know it, and sometimes it’s still buried within, but marrying your guiding principles with the journey you want to take your audience on, is how you get a quiz and community that will give back what you put in.


Quizzes that Convert™ will guide you through this process


I’m teaching live each step of my signature sales-focused quiz creation method that goes beyond just growing your list as you write and cheer each other on. 

Over 8 weeks we’ll cover: 

🧩 Offer alignment

🧩 Audience alignment

🧩 Quiz title and promise

🧩 Quiz Questions

🧩 Quiz Results

🧩 Result Email Sequences

🧩 Resources and sales pitch placement 

🧩 Marketing Plan and promotion of your quiz 

With a small group of sister digital product creators, I’ll guide you through each step of writing and selling in a quiz using Interact

⭐ We’ll meet face to face over Zoom on Wednesday at 2 ET. Each class will be a combination of teaching and answering your questions as you consider how to build that portion of the quiz. You'll have access to the recordings in your student portal if you need to refer back during the week 

⭐ You’ll have access to a private FB group to share your drafts with each other and bounce ideas around in between calls for support and cheering each other on  

 As a multi-pay student, the first payment comes out today, and the remainder will autodraft 30 days from today. 

  *This program does not include the price of Interact. You will receive information about the plan differences and an exclusive discount code in your welcome email. You will not need to start your software trial until Week 4 of the program. 

**Please do not consider this if you’re live launching during the beginning of the program, as you’ll need space to create and write the quiz. During this program, you will learn and implement to get your quiz up and running during our time together, so allow time in your schedule. I will launch again, so don’t worry- you’re not missing a thing 😃

$800.00 USD

2 monthly payments

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases

As this is a live program requiring the use of team members' resources, cancellations with refunds will only be accepted until the first week of the program and will be for the amount of the first payment. If you remain in the program, the final payment will be auto-drafted 30 days from the date of the first payment using the payment method on file. If you need to change the payment method or have any issues, please email us at [email protected].

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