Your Audience is Searching For a Solution.

Let's show them you are their solution!

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Sales Style Method™ 

Curated way to sell that feels like you

Community Curation

create and expand a community who wants to be with you and buy from you

Offer Origination

bring your offers in line and create ones that make you sing

Sales Style

be you, be comfortable, get results

Build Your Community with a Quiz

VIP Experiences

1:1 Coaching


Quiz Please
You + Me

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The Results

  • Strong connection with your audience
  • Increased lead generation and conversion > turning cold leads into warm leads
  • Audience segments themselves while you learn a lot about them, so you can bring them what they need quicker
  • Customers who have happily chosen what they need from you without you having to get on a sales call!

The Process

  • We begin on a call to discuss the desired results for your audience, for you, info about your brand and what your quiz will look like
  • Then I research and write
  • You receive a draft and, if needed, there are up to 2 rounds of edits
  • After the last round of edits, the copy is all yours, ready to go live!

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